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Desktop Panorama

Desktop Panorama

Desktop panorama is a panoramic virtual desktop where the virtual desktop area is represented as a small surface above the windows taskbar and windows can be freely moved around it - in the same way as they can be moved around the normal desktop. Changing ... virtual desktop , panoramic desktop , desktop panorama , windows 10 virtual desktop , windows virtual desktop ...

March 5th 2016 8,014k Freeware  Dizel Deva
ScreenTabs Free Edition

ScreenTabs Free Edition

ScreenTabs virtual desktops manager is a unique implementation of the 'virtual desktops' (or so called 'virtual screens') concept where each 'virtual screen' is represented by a tab with user-defined color. This is similar to web browser where each web page is represented by tab. ScreenTabs ... virtual desktop manager , virtual desktops , virtual screens , free virtual desktop , virtual desktop windows ...

September 4th 2014 11,179k Freeware  Pitrinec Software
GiMeSpace Desktop Extender

GiMeSpace Desktop Extender

GiMeSpace Desktop Extender provides a smarter way to use your desktop. It is a small and very simple program for Windows XP or later versions that will allow you to expand your desktop without any limits.
When you move your mouse to the edge of ... screen , desktop , extender , alternative , cheap ...

May 28th 2013 1,589k Shareware  GiMeSpace
Actual Virtual Desktops

Actual Virtual Desktops

If your computer is your workplace, with this virtual desktop manager you will be able to increase your productivity sufficiently - work on multiple tasks simultaneously and stay focused on just those that you need at the moment. Plus, you won't be distracted by what's ... windows , manager , organize , window , organizing ...

April 4th 2013 7,394k Shareware  Actual Tools

Boogerman Deskmate

A free interactive desktop pet based on the Sega "Boogerman" game. My second release for you to enjoy.

June 28th 2012 1,935k Freeware

Earthworm Jim Deskmate

A free interactive desktop pet based on the "Sega-Earthworm Jim Game" game. My fifth release for you to enjoy.

May 14th 2012 2,376k Freeware

7up Cool Spot Deskmate

A free interactive desktop pet based on the "7up Cool Spot" game. My third release for you to enjoy.

May 4th 2012 1,843k Freeware

Worms Deskmate 1.1r

Another of my creations for you to enjoy.

April 5th 2012 1,690k Freeware
VMware Workstation Windows

VMware Workstation Windows

Discover the true power and flexibility of your desktop or laptop computer with VMware Workstation. Reduce hardware costs by 50% or more by running multiple operating systems simultaneously on a single physical PC. Automate and streamline tasks to save time and improve productivity. From the ... network management , network administration , server monitor , website monitoring , virtual pc ...

December 24th 2009 512,000k Shareware  VMware Inc


Aximion is the project developed to provide a 3D interface for Windows-like operation systems. It is not a common 3D shell extension, but a brand new ordinary (2D) windows replacement, with a 3D interactive environment. All two-dimensional windows and forms are transformed into three-dimensional and ... virtual desktop , desktop tool , 3d desktop virtual interactive environment , 3d interface for windows , 3d shell extension ...

November 22nd 2008 1,451k Freeware  Mightywill Labs


NetExec is a multisession extension for Windows NT and Windows 2000. Using NetExec it is possible to log on to a system with multiple accounts at the same time. So you can work with more than one user account simultaneously and switch between them without ... windows , internet explorer , desktop , system , nt ...

May 12th 2008 748k Shareware  LoSOFT Softwaretechnik
ROOMS 3D Desktops

ROOMS 3D Desktops

ROOMS 3d desktops give you wallpapers to walk into and 3d icons to move among. You organize your desktop as a virtual reality world (just like a 3d game).

ROOMS is fast and flexible. FreeWare ROOMS has no timeout and lets you download new worlds ... pc , screensaver , presentations , 3d , wallpaper ...

May 12th 2008 4,712k Freeware  EiDoxis Limited

Britney vs Kurnikova

This is a dazzling collection of images of Britney Spears and Anna Kurnikova, accompanied with high quality wallpapers, desktop clock and sounds of your favorite Britney songs. Besides, this clock is all your timekeeping needs in one package: see the time right on your computer ...

May 12th 2008 1,957k Shareware  Parallaxis Software company

Parallaxis Cuckoo Clock

Computers can be boring and mundane, why not spice it up a bit, with a new Cuckoo Clock. There is a lot of breathtaking graphics on Cuckoo Clock - classical clock, futuristic clock, office clock, even Big Ben is included! This program is all your ...

May 12th 2008 2,069k Shareware  Parallaxis Software company

PX8 Desktop Pager for Windows

PX8 is a utility that increases the effective size of your screen, by allowing you to choose
between a selection of desktop views. Each desktop may have it's own set of windows
opened. For example, you may have a word processor opened on one desktop, ... utility , screen , desktop , pager ...

May 12th 2008 433k Shareware  Collins Software

Exterpassive Video Wallpaper & Screensaver

ExterPassive Video Wallpaper & Screensaver plays specially created videos (bundled with the software) as your desktop wallpaper or as a screensaver. New videos are available at the web site. Each package includes software and video files. The software is free, and the video free ...

May 12th 2008 20,022k Freeware  Fingeco Corporation ExterPassive com


Haben Sie noch einen alten Rechner mit Windows 3.X? Peppen Sie diesen doch mit einer (fast) Windows 95 entsprechenden Oberfläche mit Taskleiste, Startmenü, Desktop und vielem mehr auf. WinShell ist inzwischen Freeware. Bitte beachten Sie, das dieses Programm nicht mehr weiterentwickelt wird.Geben Sie als Registrierdaten ...

May 12th 2008 1,498k Freeware  Gert Wietzorek Softwareentwicklung und vertrieb

Vizeon Discovery WebTop

Explore our amazing world with stunning videos, images and sounds. There are sections on Animals, Space, Earth, History and Dinosaurs. Far better than ordinary wallpaper, Vizeon Discovery WebTop is simple and easy to use - just point and click. Comes attractively packaged with many webcasts, ...

May 12th 2008 18,884k Shareware  Vizeon Technologies Ltd


First of all, it is totally free, it does not cost you anything, not money, not time. Now that we have said this, next thing for you to do is download the WAPPIZ client. When downloaded, install it and sign up for a WAPPIZ account. ...

May 12th 2008 782k Freeware  Brainmark
Free Business Office icons

Free Business Office icons

If you are building any kind of website, email, accounting software,contact management, or server application,these are the perfect solutions. vista icons , icon , icons , free icons , free icon ...

May 12th 2008 3,144k Freeware  Freeicons
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